Who we are

Canal 37 Sa televisió de Palma, S.A is part of the communications industry of the Grup Serra publishing group. the privately owned company produces a Spanish language daily newspaper (Ultima Hora), a newspaper in Catalan (Diari de Balears), an English-language daily newspaper (the Majorca Daily Bulletin), a German language weekly paper (Mallorca Magazin), two radio channels (Ultima Hora Punto Radio and Flaix Mallorca) and two television channels (Nova televisió and Radio televisió La Veu). Canal 37, La Veu and Nova televisió belong to the Balearic Audiovisual Cluster.

Installations and equipment

 Canal 37 Sa television de Palma S.A.  is a company with wide experience in the development of content for television. For such operations, it possesses a programme production centre located at the junction of Selleters street and Basters street number 14 on the Son Castelló industrial estate in Palma. that centre is also the production centre for contents of the LUX Mallorca.