Olive oil is a highly prized and valued product and with a strong presence in the cuisine of the island of Majorca. In 2002 it was certified the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Oil Mallorca, with a production of over two hundred thousand liters per year.

On the island about eighteen hundred acres are devoted to olive growing area. We must go back to Carthaginian times to know its exact history. In the thirteenth century Majorca already exported oil to North Africa.

The Majorcan olive varieties are Picual and Arbequina from which it is extracted the oil called "liquid gold". Plantations are concentrated mainly in the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains, and specifically there are many in the village of Caimari, where in the fifties there were a spectacular development of the olive industry and a great increase in exporting.

Depending on the degree of ripeness of the olives at harvest time, there are two types of Majorcan olive oil: the fruity and the sweet. The first comes from the earlier harvest and second, from the more mature, giving it a golden yellow, sweet and spicy sensation. It is ideal for salad dressing or for the preparation of the precious Majorcan "Pa amb oli".


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