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Capdepera Castle

80km from Palma. It was built in the 14th century at the orders of King Jaume II and completely abandoned in 1854. It became municipal property in 1983.It was declared Asset of Cultural Interest.

 Ticket: 2 Euro. Guided tours (booking required).

 Opening times:       09.00 – 20.00 (summer)

09.00-17.00 (winter).

The caves of Campanet:

 Opened to the public since 1948.  40 km from Palma. Fossil remains of Myotragus Balearicus, an endemic animal that became extinct around 4.000 years ago were found in the area.

Highway Palma – Sa Pobla, Exit 37.

Open every day

The Miramar Monastery (Deià):

 28 km from Palma, between Valldemossa and Deià. It was founded in 1276 by Ramon Llull. In 1872 the Archduke Luis Salvador bought the old property.  Declared Asset of Cultural Interest.

 Admission: 2 Euro.

Opening times:        09.00-17.00 (winter)

10.00-18.00 (summer)

Roman city of Pollentia (Alcudia):

 The most important archaeological site in Mallorca and the best preserved Roman site in the island. The city existed from the year 70 BC until the sixth century.

 Admission: 3 Euro.

Opening times:       Tuesday to Thursday  10.00-16-00

 Friday to Sunday       10-00-14.00


Arab baths in Palma:

 It was built in the 11th century. It is one of the few remaining examples of Moslem architecture. It possibly formed part of the Palace of some noble Moslem.

 7 Calle Serra, Palma.

Admission: 2 Euro.

Opening times:       09.30-19.00 (Winter)

            09.30-20.00 (Summer).

Es Baluard Museum (Palma):

 Modern & Contemporary Art, Located within the perimeter of the Sant Pere bastion (16th Century). Permanent collection / Works by artists such as Miró, Picasso, Barceló or Sorolla.

 10 Plaza Porta Santa Catalina, Palma.

Admission: 6 Euro.

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00-20.00

Sunday 10.00-15.00




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