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Es Firó in Sóller (The Moors and Christians festival in Sóller)

 ‘’Ses valentes dones’’

Every year, on the 2nd week in May, takes place the most important festival of Sóller. A part of it refers to the ‘’ valentes dones ‘’, the courageous women which defend the town against Moorish attacks, frequent in the 16th century.  According to legend the 11th of May of 1561, the pirates attacked Sóller and got into the house of the sisters Catalina and Francisca Casasnoves. These courageous women defend themselves killing the pirates with the lock of the door. This lock of the door is on display at the festival parades and it chairs acts. Every year two girls from Sóller are chosen to represent the role of ‘’ Valentes dones’’.

 ‘’Es Firó’’

 Monday afternoon starts the most spectacular highlight of the festival, known under the name of ‘’Es Firó’’. Thousands of people represent the battle between locals and pirates which took place in 1561. At 15:00 o’clock bells ring alerting people to the arrival of pirate ships, and the battle between Moors and Christians starts. Captain Angelats encourage the locals to fight.

Many confrontations take place in the village. Saracen troops advance, get the center of town and looted the houses and the church. The Moorish king proclaims victory but Sóller do not give up and finally defeats its enemy.


 ‘’Medieval market’’

Every year, on the 3th weekend in May in commemoration of its founding by king Jaume II in 1300, the village of Capdepera journeys back in time to the Middle Age. Different activities take place in the village center but most of them take place into the Castle, where a medieval market is held and artisans show their trades. The festival is inspired in the Middle Age.

 Fira des Caragol

In mid May takes place the ‘’Fira des Caragol‘’ in Sant Jordi where typical dishes with snails as main ingredient can be tasted. Also very notable are snail racing.



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