The arròs brut is a rice soup that combines several ingredients in season, so we can replace the vegetables according to the time of year we met.


2 liters of water
1 cup of oil
250 g of chicken
250 g of pork chop
250 g of rabbit
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
2 artichokes
50 g of peas
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
2 leeks
400 g rice

For the minced:
2 cloves of garlic
fresh parsley
Fried chicken livers and rabbit


Cut the meat into pieces about 2 or 3 cm.

Cut the onion into fine pieces, checkered the peppers, cut leeks into finite pieces, remove hard leaves from the artichokes, leaving only the soft, split the artichokes into quarters, chop the garlic cloves finitely.

In a clay pot heat the oil and add the chicken and rabbit.  When it turns into golden put the pork until gets brown and season with salt and black pepper.

When browned add all the vegetables except the artichokes. Saute it until the vegetables are tender.
Add water and cook for 1/2 hour or so depending on the hardness of the meat. Make minced garlic, parsley and fried livers.

Once cooked the meat add the rice to the pan and when nearly cooked add the chopped and remove from heat.




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