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Banyalbufar is a  municipality located southwest of the ‘’ Serra de Tramuntana ‘, 23 km far away from Palma. The village has a resident population of 693 inhabitants. It is famous for its fertile terracing. The Moorish meaning of Banyalbufar is ‘’founded by the sea’’. The municipality of Banyalbufar has an area of 18 km2. One of the walks around there is the route to Port des Canonge. The tower of ‘’ Ses ànimes ‘’ can be visited. One of the most interesting places to visit is des Verger tower. Its coastline stretches from Racó de s’Algar to Port des Canonge. Another interesting place to visit is the ‘’ possesió La Baronia ‘’.  An agricultural local market takes place every Wednesday. The municipality contains four small mountains, being Mola de Planícia the highest at 942 m and Sa Talaia the lowest at 309 m. The heaviest rainfall occurred in 1975 at 170 l/m2. There are 3 coast hotels, 2 inland hotels and a rural guesthouse




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