Puerto Portals (Calvia) is one of the most exclusive enclaves talking about Majorcan night. In addition to the marinas, where the most luxurious yachts visiting Mallorca moored, the night in the area offers a multitude of environments and different atmospheres for dining in good company being able to choose from a select variety of restaurants.

Taking a walk, visit one of the evening events held during the summer months or sit and enjoying a drink in a chill-out, are some activities that can be done over night. If we are in the mood for listen to music, dance and have fun with friends, the area offers luxurious clubs with sophisticated atmospheres.

To park the car can be tricky, due to the large influx of visitors during the summer months. However, to visit this area for the visitor is a must.

Usual meeting place of famous and VIP people, national and international, is, for example, the favorite nightlife area of the Spanish Royal Family.

Familiar faces, beautiful people and elegant atmosphere recreate the night of Puerto Portals.



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