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The Bellver Castle is  located 3 km from Palma’s city centre, 112.6 m above sea level. It is dominating the bay and a large part of the island of Mallorca. It was built from 1300 until 1310 on the orders of king Jaume II.  It is a circular Gothic-style castle. There are 4 towers and a central courtyard. Originally it was built as a seat for the royal court of king Jaume II. It combines the needs of a palace with defensive elements. Its current owner is Palma City Council. A moat surrounds the castle and the Torre del Homenaje. In the 18th century became a prison. One of the prisoners was Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos. Today it holds the city’s History museum. The surrounding forest is a nice area to take a walk.

General admission:  € 4

Minors below the age of 14:  Free admission

Mallorca’s residents:  € 2,50

Pensioners, minors from 14-18 years old and groups:  €2

Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday:   10.00-19.00 (Winter)

                                           10.00-20.00 (Summer)


PHONE: (34) 971 730657


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