Santueri Castle is located in the municipality of Felanitx on a hill at 475 meters above the sea level. This is one of the best preserved mountain castles on the island and takes center stage in important passages in the history of the Balearic Islands.

It offers breathtaking views of Porto Colom, Porto Petro and part of the eastern coast of the island. And on clear days you can see even the island of Cabrera. The history of this fort dates back to Roman times. It was rebuilt in the fourteenth century to replace an old fortification of the Muslim era.

It is a triangular plant castle and its towers are square, with the exception of the ‘’torre del Homenaje’’, which has a circular plan. Inside you can visit the ruins of some Arabs buildings, such as the cisterns, a fountain and an underground reservoir in which food was stored. There is also a tour through various rooms of the castle and it is also possible to visit the church.

During the time of the conquest of Jaume I it was a stronghold of resistance of the Muslims, until the fall of the city of Palma. Then it became a fortification for the defense of the east coast and had its main role during the Germanies War, in the early sixteenth century, in which social conflicts remained hard.




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