Majorca Cathedral, well known as ‘’La Seu’’, ​​is the main religious building of the island. Located in the capital, the city of Palma, it was built at the water's edge, just above the Roman walls that for centuries protected the city from the invading enemies.

In 1931 it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument. It is the only cathedral in the world with a giant Gothic rose window over 100 square meters. Its construction began in 1229 - after Jaume I conquered the island on behalf of the Crown of Aragon - in order to venerate the Holy Mary.

The chronicles tell that King James I had ordered to build it after the holy promise to the Virgin if she helped them to sail through a heavy storm that they suffered in their sailing to the Island. Under the Cathedral of Palma are the foundations of a former Great Mosque, the largest in the city that existed during the Islamic rule.

The Cathedral is a Gothic-style building with large Levantine influences from northern Europe. It has a length of 121 meters and a width of 55 and although no one knows the name of its architects, it is known that there are details and ornamentation of great artists of all time as Gaudí or Barcelo.

Plaza de la Almoina  s / n (Palma)

Admission: 4 euros.

Opening Hours Hours: Summer - Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.15. In Winter, Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 15.15 hours.






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