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The dance of the "Cossiers" is an ancient Majorcan tradition. It is a pagan dance that refers to the fertility of the land. The dancers are usually six ‘’cossiers’’, a lady and the devil. The dance is performed in a circle, with the lady in the center and dancing to the tunes played by the ‘’xeremiers’’ and ‘’fabiolers’’. The lady is at the center of the circle and she defeats the demon. Its origin is in the Catalan settlers of the island. The dress of the dancers is three colours and full of symbols. Two cossiers dress in yellow, two of them in pink and the other two in green. Their shirts are white and carry a wide band of colour. The lady wears white pants and covered with a longer skirt than the cossiers. The devil makes his way to the party and use the whip (llendera) and a big stick (barrota). This dance is preserved in several towns in Mallorca, such as Algaida, Montuïri, Alaró, Pollença, Manacor, Campos and Palma.

The timing of the dance of the Cossiers:

 Algaida, January 16 and June 24-25

Montuïri, August 15 and 24-25

Alaró, August 16




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