Cúber is one of the two most important reservoirs of the island of Majorca. The proposed hike is rated as a low difficulty route, making it suitable for the whole family. The duration does not exceed two hours and during the tour we will appreciate the beauty of the Cúber reservoir next to the flora and fauna of the island. We will start the path from the Cúber reservoir, where we will find a recreational area with parking.

From there we must go down to the reservoir, where we will find the starting point of the path we must walk on during the trip. Through the tour we will see the dam of the reservoir, when the paved road stops and starts being a small rise.

The views of the Sierra de Cúber or the Puig Major Mountain, from the foot of the mountains, are remarkable for their beauty. Note that the route is circular and it returns back to the same starting point.




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