There are many recipes to cook different kinds of empanadas. Here we propose the more traditional, made ​​with meat and peas.


For the dough:
350 g of butter
50 g of olive oil
1 kg of flour

For the filling:
Pork (lean bacon) and lamb.
green peas
Salt and pepper


To prepare the dough, mix butter, oil, flour kneaded and add water to the mixture (about a cup). The mixture must keep on being kneaded until it is consistent, not too soft and not too hard, until does not stick to hands. Then, leave it 10-15 minutes to cool.
To make the Majorcan pies , ‘’empanadas’’,  take a piece of dough into a ball and a piece of paper to the furnace is shaped with the hands, squeezing between the thumb of one hand and the other by rotating and shaping with the palm of your hand.
When you have a pie made, then you can ​​ fill it with meat, peas, or both. Finally, do a lid with a paver and cut to size. The joint between the top and the pie is asked to raise a few tweaks though the two parties and decorate the pie.
Finally put it in the oven with the fire down and cook until the bottom of the pie is done, if necessary can be given a touch up oven to finish cooking.


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