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The ensaimada, the Majorcan soft bun, is a pastry product made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough and a kind of reduced pork lard named saïm. The handmade character of the product makes it difficult to give an exact formula, so scales have been established defining the proportion of each ingredient, giving rise to an excellent quality traditional product. The name comes from the catalan word saïm. The first written documents with reference to the ensaimada date back from the XVII century. Throughout all those years there has been no change in the recipe and procedure.The process is completely artisan and can take up tp 24 hours to complete. Currently the ensaimada is the quintessential type of pastry that is identified with the island of Majorca.In 1996 this product was awarded the protection of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)and on April 2003 the Balearic Government granted the product with the protection of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). In origin traditionally the ensaimada is plain or ''llisa'', unfilled with no extra ingredient. But today there are also different types, such as ensaimadas filled with angel's hair (squash jam), with custard cream, with almond puré, with ice-cream, chocolate, sobrasada, apricots...


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