The composer Frederic Chopin and his lover, the writer George Sand are among the most illustrious characters who have lived in Majorca. Their stay began in the winter of 1838, when it had worsened the health status of Chopin and his doctor recommended the mild climate of the Balearic Islands.

It has been not possible to define exactly the disease that the great musician suffered, although it is known that it was a degenerative disease of the airways, a type of tuberculosis. They settled in the romantic village of Valldemossa, where Chopin composed most of his twenty-four Preludes op.28.

That winter was one of the toughest, rainy and cold on the island. George Sand hated that weather and it seems that neither she liked the way of being of the inhabitants of the island, so she spent the days to write her book "A Winter in Majorca".

Five months later, Chopin’s health worsened and the family was forced to return to Marseilles, where he was treated by his personal doctor. Today, you can visit in Valldemossa Cartoixa the cell that the famous couple rented during their stay on the Island


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