Majorca as strategic island in the Mediterranean, has become recently in an area full of different art forms. Its light, its calm, its Mediterranean climate and position offered and offers to artists of all nationalities a window of inspiration.

Cultural exchange is living on the streets of each of the municipalities in Majorca, which proliferate major exhibition centers and art galleries. There are hundreds of galleries scattered over the island and only in the capital, Palma, are quantified over fifty centers, where visitors can enjoy exhibitions of contemporary artists national, local and international.

The centers are usually open during business hours. Throughout the year, Palma organizes various artistic events that combine art with typical Mediterranean leisure. Thus, in September, it is organized the famous "Nit de l'Art" (Art Night), which consists of keeping open until midnight a wide number of art galleries. Public and artists both take a walk on the historic city center to see the facilities of painting, sculpture and photography. The performances surprise the visitors at every corner and no lack of music, audio projections, tapas or wine glasses. With the arrival of spring, opens another unmissable event related to art. This is the "Art Palma Brunch." In this case, the galleries and museums in Palma leverage the prelude to the summer to carry out the openings of his exhibitions along with a brunch, a delicious snack that combines art and taste. The streets of the old capital are filled with public art lover, but also collectors and artists who want to check the latest trends.

"Palma Photo" complete artistic calendar of the city of Palma. During a summer night, visitors can enjoy the art of photography and video art avant-garde.



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