The Church of Santa Eulalia is located in one of the oldest squares of the city, Santa Eulalia. It is the only Gothic church in Majorca with three ships, not counting the Cathedral of Palma.
Its construction dates from the late thirteenth century and was raised on an ancient mosque. Because the work was continued until mid-seventeenth century, we can see inside different styles, but always predominantly Gothic.

It was a place of worship but also served as a gathering place for artisans of the guilds. It has a basilica with a polygonal chancel covered by a vault. Outside there is a large bell tower, surrounded by terraces, where you can see the many gargoyles representing good and evil. Once inside, we have a fifteenth-century altarpiece of Gothic style in which it appear the images of Santa Lucia and St. Barbara, near St. Juan Bautista and St. Blas.

There are also two chapels: Santa Catalina and the Christ of the Conquest, being this last one of the most visited by the Majorcans. In the main altar of the church you can admire an altarpiece in the form of a medallion and a canvas supported by two angels, portrays the coronation of St. Eulalia.

Plaza de Santa Eulalia, 2 (Palma)

 Free admission.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 10.30 and from 17.00 to 20.00 hours.



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