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JOAN MIRÓ - 2'03

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Joan Miró had close ties to Mallorca throughout his life. His mother, Dolors Ferrà, and his grandparents were Majorcan and he used to spend the summer in Mallorca at his grandmother's house. When he married Pilar Juncosa his ties to Mallorca were strengthened. In 1954 he left Barcelona and settled permanently in Mallorca. In 1956 he inaugurated his studio designed by Josep Lluís Sert. In the 1950’s he worked on ceramics, etching, and lithography and in 1959 Miró purchased an 18th century house named Son Boter. At Son Boter he worked on monumental sculptures and paintings. In 1962 Miró considered setting up his own printmaking studio. The artist’s studios and his works are today La Fundaciò. La Fundaciò, was established in 1981. It was his last will. Miró died on December 25th , 1983, in his home at Son Abrines.


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