The Moors and Christians Festivals are celebrated in the Balearic Islands since ancient time and it refers to the stage when Majorca was besieged by Muslim pirates (XVI century) and there were ongoing battles against Christians. These battles lasted throughout Spain, until the end of the ‘’Reconquista’’, when the Christians won over Muslims. This is one of the most genuine celebrations and it has a distinctly religious origin, which has gradually been transformed into playful and theatrical. In Majorca, the festival of Moors and Christians is held in two locations and in each, recreates a different battle:

• ES FIRO. This is the most important holiday in the town of Sóller. It recreates the plundering pirate who suffered Sóller on May 11th in 1561 and four battles are represented: two in the port, one in the garden and another in the town square.

• MOORS AND CHRISTIANS Festival in Pollensa. It is held on May 31st and it is neccesary to go back to 1550 to discover the battle recreated is the one against Ottoman pirates led by Dragut who took the night to invade the town.



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