The Llevant Natural Park is located in the North East of Majorca, at the end of the Llevant Peninsula, and it was declared as such in 2001. It is located within the municipalities of Arta and Capdepera, and it covers a total area of more than 1500 hectares. Within the park are located the public estates known under the names of Albarca, S'Alquería Vella and Es Verger.

The Natural Park offers a landscape of great beauty, with mountains and valleys that end in cliffs, coves, and caves or large areas of forest. During the visit, you can see a set of remains Talayotic (typical construction of the prehistoric era in Majorca), fields and farmhouses with their typical sources and stone walls.


In this natural area there is a great variety of Mediterranean habitats, such as oaks, wild olive and pine trees, forming one of the most diverse areas of the island. The visitor will have the chance to make several excursions that allow seeing the flora and fauna, among which stand out Mediterranean turtle populations, cormorants, sea gulls and raptors such as the Eleonora's falcon and the eagle.

The nature trails are all well marked and there are routes of varying difficulty. The trails we find attending up the coast are classified as easy and therefore can do with the whole family. If we disclaim on the paths along the coast we will be able to enjoy a swim in any of the coves with crystalline crystal clear water.

The mountain trails have an intermediate degree of difficulty. We will find forests, springs, streams and archaeological remains. There is three lodges located in the park and a campsite for the night.


The Llevant Natural Park is located in the North East of Majorca, at the end of the Llevant Peninsula. To reach there we must  drive to the municipality of Arta, and from  Arta must follow the signs to the parking S'Alqueria Vella. Once there we have to continue our way on foot. Admission is free.

If you want to take a guided tour, please note that only take place on Saturdays and to book it is necessary to contact the offices of the Natural Park at telephone: 971 83 68 28.


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