The ascent to the Puig des Teix (1062 meters) is considered a route of a high difficulty, so we assess whether we are able to do it or not.

The starting point of the tour is the village of Valldemossa, of great beauty and great cultural heritage. It is a circular route of about four hours and a half, allowing us to appreciate the flora and fauna of the island and offers one of the best views in Majorca.

The tour is well-marked at all times and in one of its points we are going to walk on the familiar road that was built by the Archduke Luis Salvador in the nineteenth century. The route starts on a path that has its starting point on the Calle de Ses Oliveres (Ses Oliveres street) in Valldemossa and leads to the Pla de Pouet, a seating area surrounded by oak and where it comes into the picture an old well.

We will continue towards the Coll de Son Gallard and take the path of the Archduke, where we will discover the cave of S'Ermitá Guillem. During the tour, we will be able to enjoy views of Sa Foradada and the Port of Sóller. Finally, we will find a fork in the road that we must continue to climb the Puig des Teix. At the top of the mountain the views are just heavenly.



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