The Robiols are a sweet paste typical of the island of Majorca. It is mainly elaborated at Easter time, and it is traditionally filled with cottage cheese, but we can also filled them with jam to taste or angel hair. 


1 kg of wheat flour
400 g of butter
200 grams of sugar
1 cup of milk
3 egg yolks
For the filling:
500 g of cottage cheese
Lemon zest



Make the dough with all ingredients, knead well to form a consistent dough.
Take portions of the dough and form a ball on a white paper to put to the furnace, which will tread leaving a layer of about 3 mm thick.
Place a little plate, for example a dessert one, and with a knife over a circle of dough cut following the shape of the plate.
 Place a few tablespoons of the filling in half and close the dumpling leaving in a half moon. Seal edges by pressing with a fork.
Bake in preheated oven medium heat until the pastry has a bit of color. When removing from oven the ‘’robiols’’ can be cool, so you can sprinkle with icing sugar over.


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