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It is a circular route. The estimated trip time is about 2 hours and the  distance covered about 25 km. Its degree of difficulty could be considered  medium.It is very  recommendable to visit Saints Peter and Paul church, in Algaida. The museum of the ‘’beata Francinaina’’ in Sencelles can also be visited. The neighbours of Sencelles feel great devotion to her.  She was beatified by Pope John Paul II, in 1989. There is a quaint and interesting fountain in Pina. The route leads us to the convent of San Francisco de Pina. In Algaida you will see the fountain of Punxuat, carved into a rock. It is an easy going and fairly flat route. Ruberts is one of the three districts of Sencelles. Jornets and Biniali are the other two belonging to Sencelles. The route allows the cyclists to visit Costitx. There you can visit the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca. It was opened to visitors more than 20 years ago.

Mallorca Astronomical Observatory  -Tel : 650.386.881



  1. jose luis

    es una ruta magnifica enhorabuena

    11:34 AM on 5/5/12
  2. Joana

    Cierto es una ruta estupenda..

    05:56 PM on 3/21/14

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