Llucmajor is the municipality that has the largest network of cycling routes in Majorca, 400 km of well marked and adapted for cycling practice paths. The routes pass through the interior and along the coast and along them we can enjoy numerous coves, cliffs and overlooking the island of Cabrera with outstanding views. The route of the Cap Blanc is one of the most popular. It is 30 km long and lasts approximately two hours to be completed. Where: The starting point is the village of Llucmajor , taking the detour and indicator of the cycle route to Palma. On the bike, we can contemplate stone walls, almond groves and Majorcan style farms. The road leads to the prehistoric site of Capocorb Vell, where we can rest for a while. We will come back to Llucmajor on a path parallel to the above, also marked. We will enjoy outstanding landscapes, the beauty of the sea, cliffs of Cabo Blanco and numerous defensive towers (XVI) such as: S'Enderrocat, Cap Blanc, Cala Pi or S'Estalella.

Other routes of interest in Llucmajor area are:

Camí de s’Aguila - Capocorb Vell : 13,4 km.

Camí de Cala Pí- Crta. dels Pressos : 11,2 km.

Camí de son Marrano- Camí d’es Revellar- Campos : 16,7 km.

Camí de son Marrano- Camí de sa Sorda- Campos : 18,8 km.

Camí de Gràcia- Santuari de Gràcia : 4,5 km.

Camí de son Mendívil-Algaida : 7,5 km.




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