The Sanctuary of the Mare de Déu of Monti-Sion is located in the municipality of Porreres, between the mountains of Randa and Sant Salvador, about 250 meters above sea level.

At the top of Puig de Monti-sion was where it was built the first chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Monti-sion in the fourteenth century.

Later in the fifteenth century, began the works on the present church, the cloister and a classroom dedicated to Latin promoted by the Jesuit order.

At first, everyone who wanted to go up to worship the Virgin had to make the journey on foot, and therefore according to local chronicles, in 1954 all the villagers joined together to Porreres, in just one day, to build  a three kilometers road reaching the sanctuary. On this road we find the seven crosses built in the fifteenth century representing the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of Mary. Currently only five are conserved.

In the sanctuary, the cloister is made up of arches and the church has a rosette on which stands the belfry. The Inn has a restaurant offering Majorcan cuisine. From the top you can see spectacular views of the entire municipality of Porreras. .


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