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Sobrassada is one of the main gourmet products that are identified with Majorca and since the seventeenth century is one of the most representative food of this island. The sobrassada began to be elaborated by the need to preserve the meat after pork slaughter. The main ingredients are raw pork and paprika. Paprika came to the island as the rest of the spices from America. The sobrassada is made after the pork slaughter, selecting the best meat, adding bacon, chopping the meat, and seasoning liberally with paprika, hot paprika and salt. Once the sausages are closed must be hung to lose its moisture and mature.In 1993 the Balearic Government granted this product with the specific denomination ‘’Sobrassada de Mallorca’’ and in 1996 the European Union gave this product the seal of Protected Geographic Indication. Traditionally the sobrassada is eaten roasted or fried in winter and spread on bread and raw in summer.


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    sobrasada con miel es algo exquisito

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