The ‘’Torrent de Pareis’’ is the bed of a stream located in one of the steepest areas of the Serra de Tramuntana. It was declared a Natural Monument in 2003. It goes from the mountains down to the sea by a steep path over three kilometers of limestone. S’Entrefoc is considered the starting point of the Torrent of Pareis. It is a point of confluence between the Torrent of Lluc and the Torrent of Gorg Blau. The Torrent of Pareis flows into Sa Calobra (Escorca). The Torrent of Pareis is home to endemic species such as the Balearic toad, also known by the name of ‘’ferreret’’. This amphibian endemic to Majorca, was discovered as a fossil in 1977 and considered extinct until in 1980 it was discovered that had survived in the most inaccessible of the Torrent de Pareis. The Torrent of Pareis is a very popular place for hikers wanting to discover the stunning beauty of the place, but it is classified as nature trail with high degree of difficulty and it must be done with experienced guides. On this trekking we can see cliffs, stone walls over 200 meters high, caves and it is only possible to walk on it in the summer months, when there is no water and the wells are nearly dry. The starting point of the trail is located at kilometer 25.2 of the MA-10 Andratx Pollensa road.




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