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Valldemossa is located at 17 km from Palma. There are 1.750 inhabitants in this village. On Sunday the town holds an agricultural and artisan market. The village is surrounded by olive and almond trees. The house in which St.Catalina Thomàs was born is open to visitors. Noteworthy is the church of the town, built in 13th century. A visit to the Royal Carthusian is a must. Particularly noteworthy are its gardens, cloister and cells. From 1399 until 1835 it was a monastery. The museum holds the legacy of the Carthusian monks. A sample of art and culture from 15th century to 20th century. Frédéric Chopin and the writer George Sand stayed there. Ruben Darío and Jovellanos both also spent time in Valldemossa. The village is very quaint and charming, with paved and very steep streets. Visitors can enjoy a “Coca de patata” with hot chocolate, a very typical dessert.  The hermitage and “Port de Valldemossa”, are other places to visit.


Patron Saint Festivities:

-     St. Catalina Thomàs (July 28th)

-     St. Bartholomew (August 24th)




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